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Lang Studios invests its own principal and locates individual and institutional capital for early stage entrepreneurial ventures. When later stage capital is required, we work with our partners to identify venture, growth equity, mezzanine, private and public equity sources.

Community Business

Businesses with local flair must still reach a broader range of consumers and markets, and this has been a Lang Studios hallmark through the years. Whether eateries or lodges or other localized activities, the mixture of nearby features and amenities with destination travelers and passers-by combines to make a profitable business. More...


Bridger Brewing The Lodge at Sun Ranch Sun Ranch Group Vigilante Creek


For over 30 years, a strong concentration of Lang Studios has been software and services, often technology-enabled. Enterprise Software, e-commerce, and B2B are part of Lang Studios' historic and current portfolio. More...


4delite Catch fluid InSequent
jaman Rock Prodigy Snap Logic


Content and delivery of media and communications services are part of the portfolio since 2000. Media content consists primarily of sports and athletic endeavor. Communications consist predominantly of rural deployment, with an emphasis in long haul redundant business class data transport, as well as wireless last mile connection, Internet, broadband and VOIP business services. More...


Cutthroat Communications   DCFN
Spark   WAX


Recession or no, sustainable building materials and construction methods are here to stay. The "Greening" of America now tops the agenda of nearly all types of businesses and consumer goods and services. A long history of sustainable businesses is a strong concentration of Lang Studios, proving money can be readily made while doing the right thing. More...


Beartooth Capital The Lodge at Sun Ranch Serious Energy
Sun Ranch Group VORA


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